Apostle Elizabeth Karimi
The president and founder of Tabernacle temple of praise church USA and great hope television network

Our Vision

Our vision is to empty he'll and populate heaven and see all people in the world have heard the gospel. Training and equiping the young generation on how to live a good/holy life and to take the mantle

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out the world with the true gospel of the kingdom of heaven and to support the needy orphans,widows etc where we can,making sure when we meet someone, his/her life will change for God's glory

Our proud history
motivates us every day

After the death of my late husband, God opened a door for me to go to Pakistan and I had waited for this door for more than 10years,when I was getting ready to go some people started discouraging me and the church saying that going to Pakistan I’m risking my life and it reached some point when church members approached me on a personal level telling me not to go there but by then I had made my minds and had already applied for a travel visa through pakistanian Embassy in Washington DC,About going to Pakistan it was prophesied to me many many years ago when I was very young in the spirit and was still in my country kenya struggling and hustling like common citizens,a voice called me from the Altar in one sunday and said I will go to preach the gospel in pakistan,I almost forgot but whatever God says will come to pass even if it’s after many years.When my time came to go,I boarded my 1st flight to Dubai 14 hours from Seattle to Dubai and I had 3 hours stopover and then boarded the 2nd flight to Karachi Pakistan which too like 3 hours,I landed at around 1am and a big group saints more than 40 people were waiting for me with beautiful flowers and love and smile and I felt blessed and the whole time I stayed there was safe and secure they do crusades at night midnight coz of heat during day time and at the stadium was great security armed police and armies and mostly the heavenly host was in charge,we went to many places some dangerous areas we had armed policemen and in some other places we went alone,that time of 7 days I was there 700 hundred souls came to Christ,we give glory to God for his wonderful works,after there I went to Indonesia via Dubai and was there for 3 days and there I visited one of the Women prison and gave a word of encouragement to them and shared the little gifts I had.