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Prayer is a reverent petition made by man to God, god or any object of worship. Through prayer, we are able to freely communicate with our deity. In the Christian perspective, it is therefore an opportunity for a believer to pour out his or her thought and feelings to God and not any other being or object.
Prayer is also regarded as where an amazing exchange happens, you hand over your worries to God and He grants you peace in exchange.
It is a worded form which we faithfully use to address our God.
Forms of prayer.
Concerted prayer: Matthew 18:19
In this form of prayer, the believers together and seek God with one mind. They all agree on one common thing that they need God’s intervention. It is also called an agreement prayer since it involves a prayer made in unison. The effectiveness of this prayer is always geared toward how the believers are perfectly involved in the agreement.
Petition Prayer: Mark 11:24, Hebrews 11:1
It is also known as a prayer of faith where a believer seeks God for a particular outcome. It entails praying for things not seen and believing that God will surely grant you i.e. you believe God with the impossibilities. In this form, a believer receives in the spiritual realm before it physically manifests. It may take time to receive but we are strongly convicted that the Lord Has heard us and will surely grant at the appointed time. “if you don’t have faith to do something, God won’t just decide to override your lack of faith.”
Dedication or consecration Prayer: Luke 22:41-42
Consecration entails setting yourself apart to flow in the will of God. You give room for God to work out His will in your life. Normally done when you have the choice to make that may seem confusing.
Dedication entails setting apart for God’s use. It can be made to an individual or even a given instrument of work. The Spirit of God always convicts us of the truth but always grants a room to make our own choices.
Praise and worship: Luke 18:24, Philippians 4:6
This involves acknowledging God’s blessings in your life or even acknowledging His greatness
Intercession: Ephesians 3:14_
This refers to a selfless form of prayer in which a believer forgets his or herself and put others first. It involves an individual standing in the gap to pray for others who may not be able to pray for themselves. It may be done in a general form such as praying for the nation or even in an individual form where one prays for the sick.

Spiritual Warfare: Matthew 18:18-19
This form of prayer involves the use of authority given to us by God to plant and uproot. It involves fighting against the principalities and rulers of the dark world and going for whatever belongs to us that they may have taken.
It is more effective when done in line with the word of God. When we make this prayer; God in Heaven affirms and puts a seal of approval on our prayer.
N/B: Each of the above forms of prayer are for a given purpose however we can use them at once but be very clear on our objectives.
How do we pray?
James 4:1-3
We should pray according to the will of God. Each moment we think about praying, our motive should be in line with the will of God i.e. right motive.
However when praying we should;
• Acknowledge the supremacy and greatness of God.
• Ask for forgiveness when necessary.
• make our requests known to God
• Be grateful to God.
• Allow the will of God to forever be done.

When do we pray? Acts 2:42, 1 Thessalonians 5:17
We should pray regularly and frequently in our lifetime. God is in dire need of fellowshipping with us thus we should set time to commune with Him. We are therefore called to schedule and always find time for prayer in our lifetime.
Why should we pray?
Through prayer we allow God to accomplish His will in our lives.
1 John 5:14_ We have an assurance of receiving from God.
Matthew 7:7_ the desires of our hearts are able to be granted.
1 Peter 5:7_ We are relieved of our worries

Prayer is a discipline that calls us to move from the feelings and urge of willing/ not willing to pray and release ourselves to the free will of God. It involves beating the flesh and acknowledging the grace of God that forever drives the urge of pray in us. “Prayer is a school in which the students longs to be and love to stay”.
When prayer becomes hard pray, when it becomes wearisome pray.
Bro. Godfrey K

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