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A SAVING GOD: My Testimony

The “best boy” everybody knew me as when it came to my village mates. Having grown up in a boarding school in the lower class, bad company was rare and influence was a dream that I never wished I could ever have. I was all that any parent would desire in their child. I can say my parents were happy to have me as their kid. “Kamuilu” as they called me due to my skin colour and “Kipeenzi” due to my character then. In all I did everybody wished me well in my academics and life as well. To avoid keeping you waiting, after my KCPE, I and good grades for a good high school.

After joining secondary school I got to another world that is a people of all kids. Primary was of just innocent kids but here things were different. I got to into the company of ‘good’ friends who cared less about life. To them living was just but a norm. it seemed to bring no alarm to them on anything they did whether wrong or good. This became part of me and after a while, I was introduced to alcoholic drinks. It became part of us and we could not do without it during our holidays. Money was not an issue since we had strategies for illegally raising money for drinks. This changed who I was and hatred for believers rose in my heart. The Gospel became a pinch into my ears and chose to hear what I wanted.

No teacher knew who I was because camouflaging was my other name. I chose when students go for preps and when to go for entertainment or when to sleep early due to lack of electricity. And not one of the heads of the school knew this. I was lost for God. He made no sense to me then. He was a myth. An old story I didn’t want to hear. Many things changed in my life but still could manage to hide all this worst enough my results reflected the hidden.

All this happened in a span of two years and finally here was a weekend challenge that I will never forget .20/02/2009 is the date that everything turned around. Jesus found me a man who had no value for Him and saved me. It’s sure and true. All things changed at that point and love for God and believer came to life in me. One of my worst enemies, when I was lost, became and still is one of my best friends I have. Jesus is able to save for that is his sure plan for mankind. Am always confident in His gospel with this phrase “If He saved me He can save all” The drunkards, thieves, witches, and Satanists Christ Jesus died that you may live. He calls you today into his saving power. Come and you will be saved.

Bro. Godfrey K

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